Living Walls

Amazon Landscaping has been involved with the evolution of Living walls and Green Roofs and Living Walls in Ireland since the introduction of a 20 sq. Meter Living Wall at Bloom in the Park in 2010. The 'Amazonica Floresta' concept Garden was a great success designed around a beautiful Green Wall. 

Living walls, also known as green walls or vertical gardens are now a growing trend in Ireland's garden designers and Landscapers.

Vertical planting has numerous benefits including reducing the urban heat island effect, increased natural bio-diversification, superior insulation capacity of city buildings and homes.

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Just like green roofs, vertical gardens (or living walls) are perfect for introducing more greenery into urban areas. Not much wall space is needed to turn a few square metres into living vertical gardens. Amazon Vertical Garden Systems has more than fourteen years’ experience in Living walls and vertical gardens and can offer expert consultation and liaison for any project

Leading Irish landscape Designers, developers and architects have now started to incorporate Living wall designs into their project specifications.

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Living walls or vertical gardens, have many positive effect on health as numerous surveys have found. A recent study shows that humidity in global cities with green areas has been reduced to be a few degrees cooler in summertime. The benefits of living walls make them the leading solution for any commercial or residential property that needs to improve aesthetics whilst embracing the fundamental benefits of nature.  

Bio or green walls assist in reducing the heat effect in populated towns and thriving cities. Moreover, they create increased biodiversity in the surrounding environment both interior and exterior.

Our experience with the installation of a variety of living wall systems, horticultural design of plant selections and different maintenance of living walls has made us the market leader in living wall systems in Ireland.  Our unique living wall system is durable, lightweight, flexible and very cost effective. are tried and tested making it one of the most dependable living wall systems available in the Irish market.




The Green Pockets are vertical Gardens made easy. Instant Greening of any Room or wall in a stylish flexible planter. The pockets are planted directly into and are fashionable planters suited to both Home or Office.

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