Green Roofs

Amazon Landscaping, supply and install sedum mats and installation materials for living green roof systems across Ireland a. Along with Living wall Vertical Systems Amazon Landscaping have a variety of options available for installation on both residential and large scale commercial projects. If you would like a quotation or to find out more about our living systems please contact us today at

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Our Sedum mat blankets are 100% organic and instantly provide thick planted roof and ground cover. All mats are available for pre-grown and individual requirements. Ninety-five per cent of vegetation planted in our Green-roof Sedum Mats are already growing upon delivery, allowing you to appreciate the immediate effect of a pure green and sustainable roof to your property.

Green Roofs can be installed on any kind of roofing system. Whether flat or apexed, Amazon Landscaping ® has the perfect Sedum solution. Portfolio Roofing and landscaping projects show that our Sedum vegetation blankets will grow, literally, anywhere on any roof.

In addition, The Green Roof vegetation blanket is now being used for more diverse uses such as art installations, balconies and apartment roof terraces.  An extremely durable and low maintenance product combined           

                                                                                                                                          with a simple installation procedure guarantee Green Roof success!






Green Roof Sedum mats are easily installed and will quickly and easily create a brand new living Roof for you to enjoy.

so please contact us for free advise on your next Green Roof Project


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