'Amazonica Floresta'




successfully nominated to build our Rainforest Garden - Amazonica Floresta by a panel of judges for Bloom Garden Festival in 2010


'Amazonica Floresta' was the Show Garden Design by Amazon Landscaping in Dublin's Bloominthepark Garden Competition in 2010. The Garden was successfully auctioned on the last day of show being redesigned for a residential garden in Naas County Kildare.

The Garden features the Green Wall vertical planting panels which represented the canopy of vegetation found in the Amazon Rainforest Basin, Brazil, South America.

The water wall featured four water blades combining to represent the estuaries of the Amazon River - the lifeblood of the Rainforest. Together with the Living or Bio walls made a miniture representation of the grandest natural landscape 

A stainless steel Pheonix was incorporated to acknowledge the surrounding environment of the Show Gardens location.


The objective of the garden was to draw attention to the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest - The Worlds Garden


multi coloured Stainless Steel LED lighting was fitted horizontally onto waterblades with automatic timer to gently illuminate garden at twilight


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