Living Walls

Vertical gardens (living walls)

Just like green roofs, vertical gardens are perfect for introducing more greenery into developed city and suburban areas. Not much space is required to turn a few square metres into living gardens. Amazon Landscaping Vertical plant Systems has more than 5 years’ experience in vertical gardens and offers two pre-cultivated, modular products for green walls; Flexipanels for every conceivable indoor and outdoor wall (including curved surfaces!) and Framepanels, specially designed for noise barriers and fences. In our nursery, we plant our pre-cultivated panels with a variety of plants to suit the situation of your wall and your climate.

Good for people, animals and the environment

Living walls or vertical gardens as they are called, have many positive consequences.  Inner cities with green areas can easily be a few degrees cooler in summer with Living Wall designs. Green walls help to reduce the urban heat island effect. Moreover, they create more biodiversity as the plants absorb air pollutants, especially the ultrafine particles that in the normal course of events are inhaled. vertical gardens have even more positive effects.