Green walls (Bio walls)


Vertical gardens (living walls)

Reducing the greenhouse effect, increasing global biodiversity, improved insulation of buildings: these are all benefits of using Living walls in future architecture and landscape architecture

The contemporary re-inventor of Living walls was Patrick Blanc a French Botanist who has redefined vertical planting all over the world

Just like green roofs, vertical gardens (or living walls) are perfect for introducing more greenery into urban areas. Not much space is required to turn a few square metres into beautiful living wall or garden. Amazon Vertical living wall Systems are the global expert in Green infrastructure and living landscape architecture.

Living walls are the perfect centre-piece for any landscape or garden. Green walls visually create a spectacular lush green ambience for even the smallest area. Herbs, strawberries and salads can be grown in the Amazon Living Wall system enabling the apartment or city dweller to incorporate their very own edible garden. Planted correctly vertical living walls can flourish on balconies, courtyards, small terraces, light wells and offices. 

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