garden steps

Step Construction and Restoration

Old stone Steps and doorways are frequently neglected and in need of professional restoration. Amazon Landscaping have constructed, restored and renewed many steps and stone features in Dublin and surrounding areas over the years.

Granite Paving and Victorian tiles 

Amazon Landscaping and Garden Design have years of experience in bringing features such as front door steps, paving window sills, and stone capping back to their original splendour. Consultancy is the first step to identify areas of stones features that need specialist treatments. Where possible, traditional restoration methods are used. Most steps are prone to damp and elements that can get in through hair-line cracks, causing erosion underneath. Using methodical techniques to rake out the eroded grout and repointed using hydraulic lime mortar. All areas on surface are reinforced. All joints are thoroughly and tightly filled with a damp proof membrane behind grouting increasing its resistance to the elements. We can restore and strengthen fractures in all natural stone and granite. When repaired, cleaning chemicals restore the steps according to the level of contamination with an acid wash and seal with a deep binding sealant. As accredited agents resealing is recommended with

below is a portfolio of step restoration and reconstructions as part of landscaping projects