18th Century Garden Restoration

In 2011 Amazon landscaping was commisioned to fully restore and rebuild an 18th century Dublin garden to its former glory.

The Garden located in South County Dublin was part of a terraced property and both Home and Garden were under preservation

The Restoration was overseen by heritage contractors and consultants to ensure correct methods were used. The Garden had an orchard however had also been neglected over the years as the property changed ownership. The defining boundary walls were built in locally sourced granite from Dalkey quarry. Wall Restoration was rebuilt and repaired in the original dehydrated hydraulic Lime.

The original Orchard contained plum, apple and pears which were in blossom when excavations commenced. Another unique feature of Garden was the Victorian well discovered reaching 4 meters below ground level completed and full of spring water! 

A Formal Garden Design was landscaped during the summer months and Garden won a National Award from the Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland in 2012