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Front Step restoration.jpg

step restoration

Step restoration in Ranelagh dublin  6


step restoration

Step restoration in Ranelagh dublin  6


Step Restoration

Amazon Landscaping have years of experience in restoring natural granite steps, window sills, and capping back to their original splendour. Using traditional methods each project is given due time and planning.

Front Door Steps can be the initial impression of a visitor to your property. Amazon Landscaping liase with conservationists, architects and builders to work within preservation order specifications. 

Taking advantage of modern restoration methods such as Power-washing, sand-blasting and chemical treatments all natural-stone is researched for correct applications and enhancement of natural features and jointing materials.

For preservation upon completion of project Dry-Treat Natural Stone Sealant is applied for a 15 guarantee which seals stone at a molecular level protecting surface from future erosion.


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Victorian Tiles

in 2011 Amazon Landscaping were commisioned to Reconstruct a front step as part of complete Home and Garden Restoration to a period Home on Chelmsford Road in Ranelagh, Dublin 6

The step had sunken and was in disrepair due to years of neglect. The Step was completely excavated and rebuilt from the ground up.

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Granite Threads

The original granite used for the step was a distinctive feature and owners wanted it restored to its original state for preservation purposes. working along side architects and heritage contractors a special chemical agent was used to enhance the natural zinc element of the stone.

The Steps were then power-washed to remove any excess filings and fine sealed using Dry-Treat Stone sealant and recalibrate to match level of neighbouring properties step. Certified Backfill 804 was added to stabilise the Steps and secure them for future use. 

The Steps were the pointed to specification and given final coat of Dry-Treat Sealant for weather protection.



GRanite threads

Tiling was applied using reconstituted tiles modelled on the original tiles with a thinner profile for ease of installation. reclaimed from the salvage yard they were an exact match to the tiles of original era.



Excavation and rebuilding of step


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