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A small urban Garden Design in Rathgar Dublin provided an angular challange. This Garden was part of a complete front and back garden design and landscaping contract. Garden to the rear was situated at the end of a terrace and thus was a triangular garden space with tiny dimensions.

Garden Design

A functional city garden was concept for this tiny garden space. Being inspired by the triangular shape of site numerous different materials and planting were landscaped to create interest and variety


A new boundary wall was built to define far side of garden. a matching Ibstock brick was sourced and used to construct the wall.  To contrast with this new facade and avoid monotony in such a small space a softwood timber cladding fabricated the opposing screen wall. Both walls running to the apex of garden with fern planting area

A Garden Decking made from sustainable hardwood ball decking was designed to take occupant from kitchen into garden. Deck area also facilitates early morning coffee with petite dining set. 

Granite paving makes up the middle third area taking occupant to planted area at end of garden.


The Garden Design also features a bespoke and low key LED LIGHTING PLAN. This is connected to a motion and light sensor that softly turns up lighting at twilight in the evenings. The lighting creates a distinctly unique Nitescape as apposed to garden during the day




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Garden before landscaping



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