Grass Terrace

                                                         Terraced GARDEN, DUBLIN 6


This Client requested a transformation of their narrow garden space after a recent extension to their home which reduced area to an L shaped yard.


In response to this a contemporary and circular design motif was used to offset the extreme angular form of garden. Contrasting native Kilkenny 'Blue' limestone and Cream Travertine were paved in interlocking geometric circles creating a distinctive feature for Garden. Resin bonded aggregate was applied to infill boarders creating a smooth and textile finish


Cedar Decking was installed in main circle at 90 degree angle of design. this was continued through linear tGnV cedar panelling leading occupant to centre of garden.


Golden Phyllostaus area was complimented with ferns for an ambient evergreen planting structure.


up down  LED lighting was fitted with automatic timer to gently illuminate garden at twilight