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A crowd goer at Bloom approached us for a full Garden Design and Landscaping of their front garden in Templogue, Dublin 6, Ireland. The Garden was a typical semi-detached front garden with occupying Driveway. 

Garden Design

A full Design was proposed to regenerate space with a dynamic Design.


A new boundary fence was installed with willow Fencing. The fence was totally bespoke and instantly created a strong boundary to garden in place of the pre-existing grisellinia. The new fence defined the space perfectly

A 'Bloodgood' Acer Tree makes a suitable specimen for the middle of garden its bark complimenting the bespoke fencing nicely. Buxus spheres interact with lawn and gravel areas. pockets of hostas and grasses soften edges of garden design.

Portuguese Laurel is a strong evergreen tree planted on far side of Driveway for structure


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Garden before landscaping



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