water features

Amazon Landscaping offer a full aquascaping service including design and installation of Water features for either garden or landscape designs. From Conceptual Design to the final installation onsite we can provide all services needed to create the centrepiece your garden deserves. 

Aquascape Services include:

  • Garden Ponds, Water features and Garden Streams designed & landscaped 
  • Water wall repair, restoration and upgrading
  • planting - aquatic planting to naturally filter your pond and keep water clear
  • Aquascaping - Pumps and filter replacement and upgrades
  • Pondless waterwalls and waterfalls
  • Complete Water feature cleaning including fish removal, draining, vacuum pumping, pump and filter inspection, cleaning and repair, water treatments.









water WALL and pond

Our most popular Water feature Design is a combination of Living walls and Water walls creating a fresh vibrant and living feature for your garden. The live vegetation on wall surrounding water blades gives a very unique and natural garden feature.

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Living walls combined with waterfalls make them the leading solution for any garden that needs to improve aesthetics whilst embracing the fundamental benefits of nature.  

The combination effect of living wall with water walls is the purifying and humidifying of the surrounding air in garden landscape. Natural Water features create beneficial 'negative ions' in the atmosphere, and this is very beneficial considering the toxic conditions created by modern city living.
Exterior and interior water features totally refresh the air and give a focal point for your patio whilst generating a relaxing background sound.

Our experience with the installation of a variety of living and water wall systems, including horticultural design, plant selection and different maintenance of walls has made us the market leader in living and waterwall systems in Ireland.  Our unique wall combination is durable, lightweight, flexible and very cost effective.



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